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Meet the Maker
Kieren Chant

Designing and crafting has always been a passion of mine. I remember as a small child never being too far away from a piece of paper and a pencil. I would happily sit for hours doodling away creating all manner of illustrations from floor plans of great palaces to amusing comic strips with unusual characters. Since then I have always been known as the creative one in the family and was given constant encouragement to develop and pursue my artistic endeavours.

My love for visualising and creating designs, in particular furniture, is in my blood thanks to my ancestry.

I am a direct descendant of the Jelks family who owned and operated W. Jelks & Sons, a London based furniture store, from 1835 to 1958. My parents and grandparents have both acquired an original Jelks dining/billiard table which has seen much love over the years from Christmas lunches to competitive games of snooker, so it gives me great pleasure to carry on their name and legacy through my designs.

I take inspiration from the great English furniture makers of the past, from the classical to mid-century, their designs achieved long-lasting appeal which I hope to emulate in my own collections and bring a piece of that beauty into the homes of today.

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